Fetishization of Lao women. Because we are “valued" for our: 

  • "Exotic" looks.
  • Supposedly traditional values. 
  • Docile and gentle mannerisms.
  • Very good with tasks such as cleaning, child-bearing, etc.
  • Because they think we won’t fight back. 

How can somebody, especially a foreigner (and even a Lao men), even try to understand a Lao woman as if she is a special specimen of an animal? Or how Lao women’s bodies (even Lao children) are used for the sex tourism industry, constantly violated and abused? And how half of tourists and expats that arrive in Laos only came for our women since their “American” ladies, etc. are too “unmanageable” and “newfangled”? Are we merely trophy wives? Your sex dolls? Your punching bags? We are not for sale. We are not for your disgusting fantasies

(via theroguefeminist)


I don’t get why people keep going into the SQ tag to defend Captain Swan? Like dude, stfu and stop creating more drama then there needs to be.  sigh~~